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Blitz’s Market
Ocean City
New Jersey

Dave & I moved to Egg Harbor Township to begin our new life as a married couple in 1999. We spent many fun summers at the Jersey Shore and wanted to raise our family here. We wanted to give the kids a handful of quarters to enjoy the arcades and ice cream on the boardwalk. We also wanted to have both of our families close by for summer parties, with buckets of beer and all the fresh seafood the shore has to offer. It seemed like an equitable deal for all concerned. During the last 22 years, Blitz has been a constant figure in our lives. No matter where we lived or where we were in life, Blitz’s was always home. These are some of the reasons why. 

THE PEOPLE - If you were here, long ago, chances are you will see a face that was here back then. The average tenure for one of the Blitz’s teams is astounding. If you see Cathy, Wayne, or Dave ask them how long they have been at Blitz’s. 

THE GUESTS - If you're reading this while visiting Blitz’s take a look around. This is Ocean City. You’ll see a guy who lifeguards down the street waiting for their sandwich next to the  Councilman. You’ll see the billionaire that lives up the street, a pair of Policemen, Ocean City Public Workers, all next to a Retired Flyers or Eagles Player. Each year we look forward to seeing our regulars along with brand new faces that keep the Ocean City Vacation Tradition Alive.

THE FOOD - Simple and Consistent. When you come to Ocean City and think of the beach you’re reminded of your childhood and your favorite things. Blitz’s is going to taste exactly like what you remember and it's going to be Wonderful. It’s always a challenge when people bring someone new to Blitz’s. They always ask, “What’s good here?”  It’s all good. Some things may be 'gooder'  than others, but mainly it depends on your mood. 

THE EXPERIENCE - It takes Years and Years to Establish True Character. This is true for people, as well as places. Blitz’s is not just a Deli or a Market. It’s a Spirit. It’s the Mood. It’s an Ambiance. As you enter the door the smells are inviting. It’s a place where you come in and we call you by name. We want you to enjoy our little taste of Ocean City, and take comfort in the fact that your tab is going to be about what your tip would be on a Mediocre night out with the Wife and Kids.


We love giving back to our Ocean City community. We have previously given back to/partnered with organizations, such as (the):

Ocean City Schools
Ocean City Recreation Department
Ocean City Junior Raiders
Ocean City Community Service
National Brain Tumor Society
Ocean City Half Marathon
Youth Empowerment Celebration
Lupus Foundation
American Legion
St. Damien Parish
Tech Trek